Z 609
Two - row diggers

The Z609/0-2 semi-mounted potato digger is designed for digging out potatoes from two rows. It can be used on light and medium compacted soils on fields with few stones and infested with weeds when the tops are dried out or cut. The digger can work on flat and sloping surfaces where the inclination angle does not exceed 5 degrees (8%). The digger is adapted to work with tractors equipped with a three-point suspension system and standardized power take-off with a six-pin connector. The digger excavates the potatoes and cleans them of soil at the chute, then lays them on a 0.8 m wide strip. Also available is a digger 100 mm wider than the standard Z609/0-2.

Diggers - Z 609
Technical specifications

Z 609/02

Z 609/02S

Working width

1,25 – 1,35 m

1,35 – 1,45 m

Number of ridges


Row spacing

62,5 – 67,5 cm

67,5 – 72,5 cm

Working speed

< 15 km/h

Power requirement

30 KM

Nominal rpm

540 rot/min

Nominal torque

250 Nm


4,50 m

4,65 m


1,60 m

1,75 m


1,10 m


730 kg

765 kg

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