How do we help farmers?
Our mission

At Rolmet Borodziuk, Dadura Sp. J., we know that potato cultivation requires appropriate agricultural equipment. Its availability not only makes work in the field lighter but also more efficient. Bearing in mind the need to optimise the potato production processes, as well as that of making farms more professional, mechanisation remains the only suitable development direction. We believe that our experience and knowledge enable us to design and manufacture agricultural machines that fully meet the requirements of modern potato farms. With our range of products, we cover most of the processes involved in the production cycle of these vegetables.

Rely on Polish quality

Machines that last for years

Are you looking for solid and reliable equipment? Rolmet offers products made with exceptional care and guaranteed safety.

Polish products

The design and manufacture of our machines take place in Poland, with materials from Polish suppliers.

Years of experience

The production of agricultural machines in Lipsk goes back to 1983.

Excellent quality

We care for the quality of our products at all stages: design, material selection and production.

Technical support

We offer a 12-month warranty and a wide range of spare parts.

Export of agricultural machinery
Tested and appreciated at home and abroad

We have a network of distributors in the European Union and Eastern European countries, and our machines successfully serve farmers all over Europe.


European Union




Eastern Europe

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