Recieving hopper

The receiving hopper is used for unloading agricultural products (potatoes, carrots, parsley, beetroot, etc.) from a trailer to other machines or a heap. The dumping height from the ground is adjustable in the range 0.8–1.8 m. The belt speed is adjustable by a knob in the variator.

Recieving hopper - KP1
Technical specifications

Dumping height

0,8-1,8 m

Dumping width

2,8 m

Hopper capacity

2 m³

Conveyor belt width

440 mm

Belt speed

1,5 – 5,5 m/min


0,75 kW 400 V

Max. length

4000 mm

Max. width

2850 mm

Max. height

2350 mm


500 kg

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